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Evening specials

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Tomato & chilli soup, sourdough & butter £5.50

Steamed Shetland mussels, cider, bacon, clotted cream & samphire £8 / £16 as a main with fries

Barbecue smoked eel, seared scallop,  apple & herb salad £12


Chicken, bacon & tarragon pie with creamy mash, spring greens, roasted carrot & gravy £18

Toulouse sausage cassoulet, with tenderstem & parmasan crumb £18

Roast halibut, fresh mussels, celeriac, samphire, kombu & parsley veloute £32


8oz Fillet Steak £35    10oz Sirloin Steak £29.50    8oz Ribeye + jumbo prawn £28

All served with triple cooked chips, flat mushroom & Caesar salad, add a jumbo king prawn for £7.50

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